Grace Quan, President & CEO joined as Board Member to World Hydrogen Advisory Board of the Sustainable Energy Council

Grace Quan, President and CEO of Hydrogen In Motion Inc. (H2M) was invited to join the World Hydrogen Advisory Board of the Sustainable Energy Council, UK. She said in a statement: “On the behalf of Hydrogen In Motion Inc (H2M), I am honoured to be a founding member of the Sustainable Energy Council World Hydrogen Advisory Board.  With impact of Climate Change being felt around the world, hydrogen is recognised as a key enabler of zero emission energy and is embedded in world-wide national greenhouse gas reduction strategies.  At this important juncture, in order to fast track technology solutions, it is essential that community stakeholders as well as industry leaders collaborate in our efforts to address technical and adoption challenges in the hydrogen supply chain to make hydrogen solutions cost effective, scalable and easy to implement.  With the help of committees such as the SEC, It is my hope that innovations such as H2M’s solid state hydrogen storage technology can leapfrog existing barriers and bring about clean renewable energy solutions for a sustainable healthy future for all.”