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In order to address the lack of re-fueling stations, H2M's second business line is delivering hydrogen in pre-filled tanks directly to the consumer.

The off-board method of re-fueling does not need the expensive infrastructure that is required for onboard re-fueling, instead, the H2M will re-charge the portable tanks at the H2M hydrogen depot that will be located in areas that service Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCV).

In the same manner where computers are purchased pre-loaded with operating software, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles equipped with H2M fuel tanks will be purchased with a H2M service contract for re-fueling the vehicle. At the dealer, the consumer will initiate online a contract with H2M to deliver the charged tanks to the vehicle owner's home.

Since the tanks are not pressurized, the consumer can store the tanks in their garage. Alternatively, for a cost H2M will provide a secure storage container to be placed in an accessible spot on the property. The tanks will be delivered pre-charged with hydrogen and can easily be placed in the vehicle by the consumer using a quick release valve. Empties are left in the storage container (similar to bottled water delivery model).

The tanks will be equipped with sensors to allow remote monitoring, thus the consumer will not be required to order additional tanks as the empty tanks will be automatically exchanged by H2M for full tanks, making the entire re-fuelling process essentially "hands-off" and relieving the consumer from the necessity of obtaining hydrogen at a hydrogen station. For extended range, H2M can deliver extra tanks to be stored in the vehicle trunk and used as needed.

H2M's off-board refueling model allows purchasers of FCEVs the comfort of home delivery and the peace of mind knowing that they will not have to worry about fuel for their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

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