Safe, efficient hydrogen storage

The current level of technology for non-compressed hydrogen fuel tanks is at fundamental research stage. This research needs to be developed, validated, and actualized to the level where it can be commercialized. With this in mind, H2M has entered into a collaboration agreement with an academic specialist in hydrogen and fuel cells, Dr. Erik Kjeang at the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University.

The purpose of the collaboration is to find a means of storing hydrogen using adsorption techniques or other methods. The specific objective of the research prototype phase is to develop a hydrogen storage medium that is stable at ambient conditions and can be packed into a fuel tank for vehicles.

The target gravimetric hydrogen storage capacity is 7.5%, and volumetric hydrogen storage capacity of 40g/l, which is consistent with the U.S. Department of Energy's long-term target.

The outcome of this collaboration will be a prototype non-compressed hydrogen storage tank. This prototype will be used by H2M as a basis for a demonstration of this tank with a two-year goal of commercializing the results of the collaboration. Realization of these objectives will contribute to a major breakthrough for hydrogen based energy systems worldwide and generate significant commercial traction.

Portable Storage

Safe, non-toxic, portable

Hydrogen Delivery

Convenient, easy, clean