Options for renewable energy resources, including solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, and biomass, have their own set of disadvantages such as inflexible usage, high cost for storage, unreliable source of constant energy, costly to build and emission of atmospheric pollutants. Until now.

Hydrogen as the future of clean energy

Hydrogen is an energy storage and transport system of the future. Being the most abundant element in the universe, when hydrogen is used to produce electricity, its only waste product is water. It is an “energy carrier”, just like electricity stored in a battery, making it the most versatile to use in a full range of applications in all sectors of the economy.

Hydrogen In Motion solution is leading a breakthrough in solid state hydrogen storage nanomaterial. H2M hydrogen storage redefines the use of hydrogen fuel technologies and simplifying its logistical applications. Our technology offers hydrogen energy solution that has positive economic and environmental impact and provides an infinite source of constant energy with no emissions, low cost commitment and versatility with compact storage. Our technology solution has resolved the constraints currently burdening the hydrogen economy, making it the most viable solution for commercialization of future clean energy.

Our current product prototype of non-compressed hydrogen storage tank is a major breakthrough in hydrogen based energy systems. The product prospects for commercialization are endless.

Here is an overview of potential application: