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Hydrogen in Motion is offering a hydrogen energy solution that has positive economic and environmental impact and provides an infinite source of constant energy with no emissions, low cost commitment and versatility with compact storage. H2M’s hydrogen fuel technology is unsurpassed in cost, safety, convenience and portability. We are helping change how the world sees clean energy and its possibilities. Our current product offerings include hydrogen storage, H2U – hydrogen delivery, hydrogen generation and capital financing


H2M fuel cell technology is well-adapted for a wide range of applications, from nomadic to stationary, enabling for easy transition to emission free systems. As the H2M nanomaterial is conformable, H2M hydrogen storage containers can be shaped to meet the application requirements; from extending flight duration for drones to grid scale renewable energy storage for solar, wind, and wave. H2M is the most effective Hydrogen storage ever designed.


H2U offers innovative hydrogen solutions delivered directly to you. H2M’s storage tanks are highly portable, making it feasible to create a direct-to-consumer delivery method, eliminating the need for re-fueling stations. This allows for a less costly go-to-market strategy that does not require an expensive infrastructure.


Hydrogen can be produced using a variety of resources including biomass, hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, and natural gas. Produced from hydrogen containing compounds, hydrogen stores and delivers energy in a usable form. Hydrogen can be produced using diverse, domestic resources, making it a promising energy carrier. This diversity of sources makes hydrogen a promising energy carrier and enables hydrogen production almost anywhere in the world.

Hydrogen generation benefits:

• Distributed generation: power at the point of use increases efficient transmission and distribution lines
• Resource maximization: get the most out of fuels and take advantage of existing gas infrastructure and waste gas stream
• Renewable integration: excess renewable power can be stored and used for power on demand or to fuel vehicles
• Environment: fuel cells increase efficiency and reduce emissions of all kinds
• Economy: save money, create jobs and support economic growth


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Hydrogen In Motion solution is leading a breakthrough in solid state hydrogen storage nanomaterial.

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